Rodent control in West Yorkshire

Whether at your home or at your business, rodents can cause a lot of trouble with their tendency to breed quickly, destroy property and spread germs. Even worse, they can appear when you have guests or customers, which can be embarrassing. I have the solution for you; PPC Services' rodent control service, which means a rodent free home and business.

Rodent extermination & prevention

My rodent control service covers everything you need to live rodent free. Catering to all kinds of buildings and addressing common rodents. I'll remove all rodents (and their homes) and put measures in place so that they don't come back, contact me now.
Rodent extermination
For help with rodents such as rats, mice and moles in Wakefield, Huddersfield, Bradford, Brighouse, Keighley and West Yorkshire, please call PPC Services on

Call 01924 524 904 or 07973 524 322

Say goodbye to rodents like:

• Rats
• Mice
• Moles
• Squirrels

Rodent control for business owners

Of all the things you want in your business, I'm fairly certain rodents are not among them. My commercial pest control service will keep your business premises rodent free.

Got moles?

Whilst your livestock are taking shelter from the cold this winter, let us take care of the moles in the field to prevent molehills from occurring.
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